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Friday CC Schedule and Spirit Day

Friday CC Schedule and Spirit Day

Message sent to CC Students from Mrs. Robertson.

You are almost to the finish line! Tomorrow, you will begin your day in period 4 class. Report for attendance and then you will attend mass with your 4th period teacher and class. Following mass, you will be in 10:10 from 9:15-9:45. At the bell, you will return to your 4th period class for the final final! CC students are dismissed at NOON. Please have a ride arranged to take you home at noon.
Tomorrow we will be collecting money for the victims of the destructive tornadoes in Kentucky last week. Members of the Lafayette Knights of Columbus will be visiting a Catholic community in Mayfield, Kentucky on December 28 to offer assistance and provide financial support. We will combine our monetary donations with the Knights of Columbus. Because we have had multiple paid spirit days in the last few weeks, tomorrow we will have a spirit day but it will not be a mandatory paid spirit day. We are asking, however, that you kindly consider making a donation to the families who have lost their homes, lost all of their materialistic possessions, their communities, and sadly for some, lost family or friends. Please donate. This is a good time to remind ourselves that Spirit Days are just one simple way the students and staff of Central Catholic live out our mission as Christians by serving the needy and embracing the Gospel Values of Community, Servant Leadership, Humility and Understanding. Even small donations can have an impact. Remember our theme this year: Be Saints: Do Something.
If you are unable to donate tomorrow but would like to do so, please send monetary donations to:
Dave Cramer
869 Commodores Circle, Lafayette, IN 47909
Make checks to Knights of Columbus and put Tornado relief fund in the memo.

Dress code for tomorrow will be jeans or sweats. Please no pajama pants due to attending mass. Please wear a CC shirt or Christmas shirt or sweater that is school appropriate. No hooded clothing is permitted. Everyday uniform or ASM uniform would also be appropriate.
Thank you once again for your generosity.

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