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Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors & Parents!

Freshmen / Sophomores / Juniors & Parents!

We’ve had big changes in our Feast of the Hunter’s Moon process and you guys have responded beautifully! 🙂 We are almost full on our shifts — way to go! Miss Beardmore will only send out one more mass email with requests for you to sign up. After that the class moderators will go through your class list and contact those who have not signed up personally. Please save us all valuable time at the beginning of the school year by taking a moment NOW to sign YOU AND YOUR CHILD up. Here’s the link: http://signup.com/go/w6MoBc.

If you missed the previous emails or want to refresh your memory, here’s Mr. Wagner’s original message about this change in our Feast process: https://cc.lcss.org/principal/important-information-for-parents/

Please contact Miss Beardmore for more info: cbeardmore@lcss.org.

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