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E-Learning Survey Says…

E-Learning Survey Says…

It’s been an unprecedented few weeks for everyone as we have had to respond to this pandemic. We were fortunate that we had plans in place related to snow days to enable us to move our students into full-time e-Learning very quickly, without having to extend our spring break time. To ensure we are continuing to meet your needs and the needs of your student(s), we’ve sent out a survey and you’ve responded enthusiastically. We want to thank you for the feedback and positive encouragement you have shared with us thus far.  

Some of the results included 9 out of 10 parents indicating the amount of work students are being asked to complete is either just right (80%) or that their student(s) might be able to do even a little more (10%)! What we were most appreciative of was the gratitude you expressed to our teachers. More than 80% of comments thanked teachers for their efforts! Your praise and appreciation is an extra source of fuel that keeps us working hard to help your student find success during this difficult time. 

Embedded within your comments were also some helpful suggestions for our school. In response to your feedback, we plan to: 

  • Expand the opportunities for students to engage with teachers and their peers during LIVE instruction; 
  • Maintain or increase our communication with you and your student regarding his or her performance; 
  • Continue to provide students with flexible work time on Monday and Friday to catch up on assignments; 
  • Maintain our flexibility in working with individual students and families during this difficult time. 

WE are Family! Please reach out to us if your family is experiencing financial hardship, academic difficulties, or technical troubles. We are here to support you and your students! Helpful contact information is provided in the space below. If you are unsure of where to direct your question, please email helpdesk@lcss.org and our team will direct your question to the appropriate person. God Bless.

Contact Information:

Academic Assistance: Contact your child’s teacher

Financial Assistant: bschummer@lcss.org

Technical Assistance: helpdesk@lcss.org 

asistencia en español: ayudaescolar@lcss.org 

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