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Drop-off/Pick-up Communication

Drop-off/Pick-up Communication

**Important information about iPads, laptops and item drop-off/pick-up is 

located in the NEW INFORMATION section**


Pick-up/Drop-off Schedule

Textbook, technology, and personal item pick-up/drop-off is scheduled for Friday, May 22nd from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Pick-up and drop-off times are determined by last name. The schedule is designed to allow families with students at multiple schools to complete all the necessary pick-up/drop-offs during one trip. An example of how this works is provided in the FAQ below. The time listed indicates the start time for pick-up/drop-off. 

SPECIAL NOTE: Due to the need for parents/students to enter the building to clean out lockers, CC will allow entry to the building starting on Thursday, May 21st according to the schedule below. The only exception is that there will be no Open Pick-up/Drop-off on Thursday

Q: What technology is being collected?

Elementary Schools: Due to an unanticipated number of battery problems with the iPads, all iPads will be collected on May 22nd. iPad battery health will be inspected and, if necessary, repaired. Parents interested in utilizing the iPad to continue learning over the summer will need to complete this FORM. Parents opting into the summer iPad program will keep the iPad until the start of the school year. We anticipate iPads will be ready for distribution to families on Monday, June 15th. 

Central Catholic: Students who opted to purchase their laptops will be allowed to keep them over the summer. Students who did not purchase their laptops will be required to return the laptop on Thursday, May 21st, or Friday, May 22nd. Only seniors opting not to purchase their laptops and other students NOT returning to CC are required to return their chargers. 

Q: Will my child still have to return their laptop/iPad if they were assigned the additional two weeks (5/18 – 5/29) to improve his/her grades??

A: Yes. However, the collection date for students requiring corrective action will be on Friday, May 29th from 1 to 3 p.m


Elementary School: Summer of Accelerated Learning

Parents of elementary students have the option to COMPLETE THIS FORM to request an iPad to use for summer learning. Each iPad will come preloaded with different applications based on the child’s grade level. Parents will also have the option to request for specific applications to be loaded on the iPad. A list of applications by grade level is shown below. Those added automatically will be listed as “installed”. 

*Individual elementary teachers may communicate the availability of additional learning programs. These are not listed above because they are teacher specific. 

Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School –  Optional Summer Learning

Parents of CC students are encouraged to take advantage of free summer access to the learning programs provided below. 

Parent Webinars – Throughout early June, the Department of Learning Design will be running webinars to help parents understand the benefits of each program, how to monitor student progress, and what to do if progress stalls. A schedule for these webinars will be released next week. Webinars will be recorded and shared with all parents opting into summer acceleration. 

Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School – Summer Laptop Program

If you did not opt to purchase your laptop last summer and you would like to use your laptop over the summer for summer school or personal use, please complete THIS FORM. Please note there will be a $50.00 charge and the laptop will be due back to the school on or before July 31st. Drop-off times on July 31st will be from 8 to noon at the CC main entrance.

New Laptops for NEW students and Incoming 7th Graders

All students will have the option to buy the new 13” MacBook Air they will be issued this fall. The MacBook is valued at $999.99. The purchase price is $199.00. Students opting to purchase their MacBook will be allowed to use the MacBook free of charge over the summer and keep the laptop upon graduation. The anticipated pick-up date for those opting to purchase the MacBook is Wednesday, July 1st. CLICK HERE to complete your purchase. 

Q: Why would I buy the laptop if my child will be issued a new laptop regardless of whether or not I buy it?

A: Purchasing the laptop allows your child to use the laptop free over the summer and keep the laptop when they graduate. Based on the current resale market, the estimated value of the 2020 laptop in 2026 (the year of incoming 7th graders graduation) is between $300.00 and $400.00. Note – we offer the option to buy the device due to the popularity of the request to keep the laptop after graduation. 

Q: What if I purchase it, but my child leaves before she graduates from CC?

A: You will return the laptop to LCSS technology. We will refund the $199.00 buyout price to you. 

2020 Seniors – Removal of security software for those that PURCHASED their laptop

Seniors that purchased their laptops may drop the laptop off on Friday, May 22nd to have the laptop factory reset. This will remove all content filters and school-issued programs. We anticipate these will be ready on or before June 15th. Seniors, and the parents of seniors, will receive an email when the device is ready for pick-up. 

2020 Seniors – Resale of 13” 2013 MacBook Air 

Several seniors have inquired about purchasing their 2013 MacBook Air (old model). Seniors do have the option to purchase their current laptop for $200.00. To complete your purchase, CLICK HERE. After completing your purchase, you will need to contact helpdesk@lcss.org to arrange a time to have your laptop factory reset. This removes all content filters and school-issued programs. Please note, newer model MacBook Airs (2018 or newer) will not be resold.

Device Return for Summer Users

Any student with a device over the summer (iPad or MacBook) will be required to return the device to Central Catholic Jr. – Sr. High School on Friday, July 31st between the hours of 8 and noon. Returns will be accepted at the main entrance. If you cannot return the device on July 31st due to a scheduled vacation or other conflict (extended summer school/learning), you will need to email helpdesk@lcss.org to arrange a drop-off time BEFORE July 31st. We will prioritize quick turnaround for students enrolled in summer learning. Please note, the reason all devices must be returned is to ensure they are properly configured for the 2020-2021 school year. 

Wifi Hotspots

If you have a school-issued Wifi hotspot, please return the hotspot along with the box it came in to your school. Email helpdesk@lcss.org if you have any questions. Thank you. 

Pick-up / Drop-off INFORMATION

Central Catholic

If you have multiple stops, this will be your longest stop of the day due to the requirement to enter the building. Please review each of the bullets below carefully to ensure your safety and the safety of our faculty and staff members. 

What to bring

  • All textbooks; 
  • Other school-issued resource, uniforms, etc; 
  • A garbage bag or box to cleanout your locker; and
  • If applicable to you, your school-issued computer (see guidance above)

Parking and Entering the Building

    • Please park in the student lot on the south side of the building.
  • All persons will enter through the main entrance on Potthoff Circle. 
  • Everyone entering the building must wear a protective mask fully covering the nose and mouth. 
  • Social distancing protocols will be followed.  

Lock Cleanout and Textbook/Item Return

  • At the check in table, students will receive a checklist of tasks to complete 
    • Locker empty (locker shelves can remain except for 8th graders)
    • Allow space between you and the people near you.  Be patient and take your turn.
    • Seniors can donate locker shelves outside Mrs. Robertson’s office
  • After locker clean out, students should report to McHale gym, entering by the JH boys locker room/Girls Varsity Locker Room.
    • All Student Athletes, grades 7-12, check for awards, certificates and physical forms at the Athletic Table (McHale gym)
    • Return materials that belong to school or teachers to the Textbook Table (McHale Gym)  This includes all textbooks (from locker and home). This includes sheet music, instruments, paperback books, calculators…
    • Art Projects may be taken home (McHale Gym, Hallway 400)
    • JH Table for Science Fair Awards and Academic Super Bowl Ribbons
    • Technology Table (McHale Gym)
    • Yearbooks have been delayed and will not be available for pick up this week.

Checkout Sheets, Lost and Found, and Exiting the Building

      • Senior check out sheets should be returned to the main office.  
      • Students in grades 7-11 will submit checkout sheets before leaving McHale gym.
      • Lost and Found items are located in the hall by the band room.
      • Students must exit McHale gym using the doors by the Boys Varsity Locker Room/Weight Room.
  • Everyone exits through JH doors.

Locations with Limited or No Access

  • Maximum of 2 people in the restrooms at one time.
  • Locker Rooms have been cleared of all materials and cleaned.  Locker Rooms are closed.  No students will be permitted to enter.
  • Classrooms and the library are closed.  All spaces have been cleaned and disinfected.  Students are not to enter any classrooms or the library.  

St. Boniface

iPad and textbook drop-off and item pick-up information is below. Please arrive at the building during your designated time. Social distancing will be required and spaces in line will be marked. Please wear a mask to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. 

St. Lawrence

St. Lawrence parking lot will be set up like a morning drop-off. Grade level tables will be located along the drive with students’ bagged personal items.  

  • Please pull up as far as you can to the appropriate grade level table, but do not get out of the car. 
  • A staff member wearing a protective mask will approach your car. Please pop the trunk (preferred) or indicate the location of the items you are returning. If possible, please have these items bagged to make retrieval from your car easy. 
  • The items you are returning will be removed from your vehicle by our staff member. 
  • The items your child(ren) left at school will be loaded into your vehicle.

The process may take a few minutes for each car. Please be patient. To help you gather everything you’ll need, teachers will send an email with what is expected to be returned. This may include hardback books, library books, AR books borrowed from the classrooms, dictionaries, Red Writing folders, uniforms, iPads, etc. 

St. Mary Cathedral

Friday, May 22nd, parents will be able to pick up their child’s personal belongings from school and return any school owned property that was sent home with your child in March. Your child’s personal belongings will be gathered and placed in large plastic bags by the teachers. You may pick up your bagged items curbside in the lower lot according to the schedule provided above. 

Teachers will bring your bag(s) to your vehicle. It is important to follow these steps: 

  • Everyone must stay in the vehicle at all times. 
  • Vehicles should stay in a single file line.
  • Please place a piece of paper in your front windshield with the following information – Family/Student Name(s) – so we can have things ready. 
  • When it’s your turn, remotely open your trunk or open a back car door. Staff members will place your bag(s) in the trunk or back seat. 
  • Please plan to return school owned property (iPads, library books, classroom books) in a see through freezer bag – and have it in the trunk or back seat where we can take it when we place your school materials inside.
  • Teachers will be wearing masks. Parents and children will stay in their cars, but due to this contagious virus, teachers would appreciate anyone who will have contact to please wear a mask also. Thank you!

Click here for a Map and STM FAQ’s for Friday

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