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Do you love to write? Are you looking for a writer’s workshop?

Do you love to write?  Are you looking for a writer’s workshop?

Do you love to write?  Are you looking for a writer’s workshop?

This fall Lafayette’s Writers Studio is offering a Youth Intensive Writing Workshop & Ask an Author Workshop.


Take your creativity to the next level while learning strategies to transport your reader. In this online creative writing class for high school and middle grade students, young writers will learn more about the craft of writing, receive regular feedback on their work, meet other writers, and discover their best writing selves.

How it works: In this online creative writing workshop we will meet five times over the fall for two hours, with the bulk of time progressively spent workshopping the stories, essays, and poems of our classmates. Each writer will have the chance to submit their work to the group on four occasions. This work will be shared with the class one week before our workshop. During each class a brief period of time will be spent discussing Dallas Woodburn’s novel  THE BEST WEEK THAT NEVER HAPPENED along with practical techniques and writing prompts to demystify the writing process.

Cost $250

Contact  Melissa Fraterrigo for more information
(765) 337-1749
Website: www.lafayettewritersstudio.com
Website: www.melissafraterrigo.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lafayettewritersstudio
Twitter: MelissaFraterrigo@Lafayettewrite
Classes: Register now for 2020 classes

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