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Distinguished Young Women Program for Class of 2023

Distinguished Young Women Program for Class of 2023
Many young women from CC have participated in DYW over the years.  It is a great learning experience and scholarship opportunity.
This program is a non-profit local, state and National level showcase. DYW is ran by all volunteers who strive to assist young women with public speaking, poise, and connections. This program is great to add to resumes. This is not a pageant, but is simply a scholarship program that focuses on Be Your Best Self and the five pillars (be healthy, be ambitious, be studios, be responsible and be involved). There are 5 categories: 2 off stage 1) scholastics (we look at ACT/SATS, transcripts, college courses 2) interview that consist on a 10 min interview with qualified judges  and 3 on stage categories 1) self expression which focuses on poise and an onstage question 2) talent which is a 90 sec talent of participants choice and 3) fitness- a group routine to distribute health, balance and momentum.
Girls can apply at distinguishedyw.org

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