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Current High School – Summer Leadership Conference Opportunity!!!

Current High School – Summer Leadership Conference Opportunity!!!

“One Bread, One Cup” Liturgical Leadership Conference (June 11-15) – Open Spots for High School Students!!

We are going to the “One Bread, One Cup” conference again this summer (June 11-15) and we are excited to open this up to any current high schooler who wants to go with us!!

“One Bread, One Cup” is a liturgical leadership conference with kids from all over the country! It trains high school teens to participate and lead the liturgy so that they can come back to their school or parish with great skills! From Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to Cantors to Musicans to Lectors to Artists to many more — by the end of Day #5 you guys will be leading the Liturgy in a way you never thought possible on Day #1 and be able to bring it back to CC next year. It’s so cool! Check out the links below for more info, videos, etc. and let me know by next week if you want to go! Cost is $550. 

One Bread, One Cup Website – https://www.saintmeinrad.edu/youth/
OBOC Info Video – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LI7snXgUXc
OBOC Teen Perspective – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e7Y8dsPIY5k

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