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A Celebration of Success – Blue Knight Auction

A Celebration of Success – Blue Knight Auction

We are getting ready to Celebrate Our Successes during the 2021 Blue Knight Auction! One milestone that we will be celebrating took place in 2014, when Central Catholic invested in technology and curriculum by launching a 1:1 technology initiative so that each student would have a personal school computer. This initiative was not about a device, however. Rather, it was about a fundamental and profound shift in how our school system would build the academic skills and spiritual foundation necessary for our students to compete and succeed in a global economy. Our students are collaborators, thinkers, creators, entrepreneurs, and problem solvers. They are bursting with potential that can be best tapped in a learning environment that moves beyond the textbook. At LCSS, we recognize that technology should be used as a tool that is seamlessly integrated into the learning experience to maximize the talents of all our students.

Two years later, the elementary students also went 1:1. This investment allowed our schools and our students to quickly pivot from in-person instruction to virtual learning when the pandemic hit, and it allows our students to continue to learn virtually when needed.  

To learn more about LCSS milestones and successes, please visit https://www.lcss.org/apps/pages/V2030

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