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CC Administration Announcement

CC Administration Announcement

We are excited about the return of our students at Central Catholic. In addition to making plans for this fall at Central Catholic, we have been working to ensure that Mr. Wagner is able to continue his recovery, for as long as he needs, while also providing the interim leadership to keep serving our students, teachers and families. Additionally, we understand that some additional administrative, academic, social and emotional needs will exist in this coming school year due to the pandemic. Therefore, beginning immediately, we are making the following adjustments to the Central Catholic administration responsibilities: 

  • Mrs. Melissa Robertson will serve as the Interim Central Catholic Principal.
  • Mr. Patrick Duggins will serve as the Interim Dean of Students. This role will be responsible for monitoring attendance and working with students and families to promote school safety and good Christian behavior. He will continue to teach Theology 11. 
  • Mr. Robert Story will continue to lead the Campus Ministry Department, but will also co-teach one section of Theology 9 with Miss Patterson. He will also continue to work closely with faculty and student services to support student social, emotional and spiritual needs. 
  • Dr. Melanie Davis will continue to serve as the Director of Student Services, but she will transition her responsibilities away from direct academic guidance. Instead, Dr. Davis will be spending more of her time directing the Knights 360 student support services and meeting the social and emotional needs of students and staff. Dr. Davis will still be supporting the efforts of the guidance department in addition to these responsibilities.
  • Department Chairs have been leading teachers from their respective departments in curriculum refinement to prepare for this unique school year and they will continue to support the teachers throughout the year.
  • New Guidance Counselor – A new counselor will be starting this year in a new role to support the academic and college guidance needs of students. The CC administration will announce this new hire soon.

I would personally like to thank this team for their extraordinary commitment they have demonstrated this summer to make sure we are ready for school this fall. These changes reflect our continued commitment to support our mission and our Gospel values of community, servant leadership, wellness, and diligence that drives our passion for providing a rich educational environment and experience for our students. 

Please stay tuned for additional information on Friday regarding each individual school’s health and safety plans for a return this fall. 

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