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Calling all Senior High Super Spellers!!!

Calling all Senior High Super Spellers!!!

The Academic Spell Bowl season is about to begin, and Miss Cani is looking for super spellers to make up her team.  If you are interested in participating in Senior High Spell Bowl or Senior High Academic Super Bowl please join her group CC Senior High Academic Teams 2016-2017. Click on the Groups tab and select join.   Then type in the following code .JBJ7X-ZJ6G3.  Once you are member, leave a comment expressing your interest in Spell Bowl or message me, (Katie Canarecci Email address – canarecci@lcss.org), and I will get back to you.

Remember – Spell Bowl isn’t a spelling bee!  It is a written test.  You sit at a desk with a proctor and write out the words.  If you are nervous about spelling in front of people – you won’t be!  Embrace your powers of spelling and join!

If we are going to spell out victory – WE NEED YOUR HELP!  Join Today!

Junior High Students- You have your own team!!  See Mr. Gerrety for more information!!

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