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Bannon Family Support

Bannon Family Support

Dear LCSS Community,


Thank you all so much for your outpouring of love and support for the Bannon family, during this time of grief and adjustment.  As many of you know, Mike Bannon passed away, unexpectedly, over the weekend.  The Bannon family have been members of the LCSS Community for many years.  Mike is survived by his wife, Gretchen, four children (Koa & Lilikoi-8th grade at CC, Blaise-2nd Grade at St. Mary, and Genevieve-Kindergarten at St. Mary), as well as many loving family members. We know that you are all ready and willing to help in whatever way possible; and, below, you will find the details of how best to move forward with donations, help, etc.


Central Catholic and St. Mary Schools will be taking up a collection for the Bannon family-for groceries, bills, child expenses, and anything else needed at this time.  There are two ways that you can help that will be of great impact for the family.


Firstly, we will be collecting monetary donations at both schools through the end of next week, January 20th.  If you send a CASH donation, please place a note in the envelope that says “Bannon Family.” If you prefer to write a CHECK, please be sure to make checks payable to Lafayette Catholic School System.  Please write in the memo line, “Bannon Family.”  Once all the money is collected, LCSS will distribute one check to Mrs. Bannon by February 1. 


Secondly, Central Catholic and St. Mary Schools will participate in a gift card collection to help with gas, meals, and groceries during this adjustment period.  Any and all gift cards are most welcome; however, if interested, we have compiled a list of the Bannon family’s favorite places if you would like to choose from those.  Preferred grocery stores include Payless, Walmart, and Target.  As for restaurants, the only specified preference is pizza, however any quick and easy places for on the go would be good as well. Gas cards are also welcome.  Again, the family is most grateful for any gift card you prefer to send, these are merely suggestions, if you need a place to start.


And, lastly, but of the utmost importance, please continue to keep the Bannon family in your thoughts and prayers.  Thank you again for taking the time and care to help out our LCSS family members in their time of need.  This community is a true blessing to be a part of, and the Bannon family is so grateful for your kindness and generosity.


We will accept donations now through January 20th.  Please send donations to the school office, and the office will be sure that the monetary donations and gift cards go directly to the Bannon family.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Elizabeth Bonner at ebonner@lcss.org.  


Elizabeth Bonner

Assistant Campus Minister, Central Catholic Jr/Sr High School

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