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Attendance Reminders

Attendance Reminders

Parents, please remember to call the CC main office if your student is going to be home sick or otherwise absent or late to school.  When your student returns to school, please send a note with them explaining the absence.  Without a note, the absence is considered “unexcused.”

Students who need to leave school early for a doctor or dentist appointment should bring a note to the main office first thing in the morning.  That way we know your student needs to be dismissed early and can make the necessary arrangements to have them ready on time.  Doctor appointments are counted as “excused” absences if there is a note from either the parent or doctor.  To participate in extra-curricular activities a doctor’s note is required in order to be eligible that day’s activities–“including, but not limited to practices, games, events, meetings, dances, or parties.”  (CC Student Handbook)

With the holidays coming up, families may be leaving town early and students will miss days before or after the holiday breaks.  An Excused Absence Form must be filled out 5 days before the absence.  Forms are available in the main office for students to pick up.

All absence procedures are outlined in the Student Handbook on the PINWHEEL online calendar.  Go to trypinwheel.com to sign up.



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