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Athletic Events Sign-up

Athletic Events Sign-up
2021-2022 Sports Events sign-up is up & running and just awaiting your sign-up. 
For every sport your son/daughter participates, parents are required to work 2 events, per child, per sport. This requirement includes all sports…whether it be cheerleading, tennis, soccer, swimming, cross country, football, etc. 
The sign up is now open and only takes a few minutes to do. 
 A. Log-in to eventlink.com
 B. Request to Work for a School
1. Click the  EVENT JOBS tab.
2. Click on Worker Requests pane.
      You should see all the schools you are subscribed to listed. You can’t work for a school unless you are subscribed to it.
      3. Click REQUEST next to the schools you want to work for.
     4. Wait for the school to accept your request.
          (I will be checking for “REQUESTS” frequently. Once I approve, you are good to continue)
         The status is shown to the right of the school.
 C.  Open Jobs  Open jobs are jobs that schools have left open for their approved workers to sign up for.
       1. Inside the EVENT JOBS tab go to the Open Jobs pane.
       2. Refine the list of open jobs if you would like by filling in the available fields and clicking SEARCH .
3. To accept an open job, click ACCEPT next to the job you want.
4. Click YES to confirm in the pop-up window.
       A window will open saying you’ve successfully accepted that job. The job will appear in your My Assignments pane. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Julia Denhart: centralcatholicathletics@lcss.org 

Thank you so much!
Go Knights!! 

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