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ALL Freshmen & Sophomores & Parents!!! Important Feast Info!

ALL Freshmen & Sophomores & Parents!!! Important Feast Info!

Dear Freshmen and Sophomores and Parents!

You should have gotten this email from me today.. If not, contact Guidance or check your contact info in Harmony.
Below is the link with ALL the info you need for the Feast! We have taken the time to include everything in one place; meetings, directions, costumes, maps. Please read the entire document and THEN let us know if you have questions.
Feast Info for Families: 

This is your last reminder! If you have not yet signed up for the Feast of the Hunter’s Moon, do it nowpleaseThis is mandatory for all Freshmen and Sophomores and their parents! On Friday, I will give the list of those who have signed up to the class moderators (freshmen: Mrs. St. Amour and sophomores: Ms. Fine). They will take the time and go through the list to ensure everyone has signed up. PLEASE DON’T TAKE UP THE PRECIOUS TIME OF OUR TEACHERS BY HAVING THEM TRACK YOU DOWN. Sign up now!! If you need to change your shift, follow the link and use the email you signed up with originally to edit your spots. Click here: http://signup.com/go/LkxbfjA.

When we have all hands on deck, this becomes a wonderful bonding experience for parent/child and for our school community! 🙂 This is who we are: we all work together to build the Kingdom of God! 🙂 We strive to be as organized as possible so that you can show up, do the work and enjoy yourselves! Bring those positive attitudes and a willingness to help! It’s going to be fun! 🙂

Caitie Rose Beardmore
Asst. Campus Minister & Senior Theology Teacher
Central Catholic Jr./Sr. High School
Phone: 765-474-249

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