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“A” Hours – Visiting the Sick, Dec-April Dates!

“A” Hours – Visiting the Sick, Dec-April Dates!

A Hours – St. Anthony’s Nursing Home Visits!

Get the dates below on your calendar! We will be starting up our St. Anthony visits in December. This is a super popular opportunity — we’ve had over 50 kids show up at times! Here are the deets: You must be there the whole time. You’ll sign in AND sign out. We’ll start with prayer and directions in the Chapel, do room-to-room visits, have games in the dining room, and end with a sing-a-long (you may bring instruments, it’s very informal). We’ll END with prayer in the Chapel and your parents must pick you up on time. It’s really fun and makes SUCH a difference in our community! 🙂 Join us every time! 🙂 YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SIGN UP OR LET ANYONE KNOW. JUST SHOW UP. 

St. Anthony Nursing Home – 1205 N 14th St, Lafayette, IN 47904

Here are the Sundays for visiting St. Anthony, 1-3pm: 

December 11
January 8
January 22
February 12
February 26
March 19
April 2
April 23

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