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4th Quarter Grades

4th Quarter Grades

When this crisis began, LCSS teachers and parents responded with concern, care and flexibility as we collectively sought to promote student success. So, as we prepare to close the semester our commitment to you and our partnership will remain unchanged. The policy that follows is designed to provide students with a hold-harmless period. This period is provided in response to the unprecedented state of learning in our schools and will allow students to take corrective action to improve their 4th-quarter grade to match their academic performance prior to eLearning. 

Effective today, teachers will begin reviewing student performance for the 4th quarter. Comparisons will be made between students’ 4th quarter performance and the prior quarter (for Central Catholic students) or cumulative 2019-2020 grade history (for elementary students). This will help teachers identify students who may have experienced significant learning difficulties during remote/virtual instruction that negatively impacted their grade. The path forward for these students AND any students currently earning a D or F will be as follows:

  • Teachers will assign students a grade of incomplete on May 15th if their 4th quarter grade is below their 3rd quarter (CC students) or cumulative grade history for the course (elementary students). 
  • Students will be provided a two-week corrective action period, from May 18th through May 29th, to improve their performance. 
  • Before or during this two-week corrective action period, teachers will video conference with each student and their parent/guardian to review what needs to be completed and address any needs identified by the student or parent. 
  • On May 29th, a final mark for the course will be issued. At the elementary through junior high level, teachers can assign a grade or leave the incomplete. At the HS level a final grade for the quarter will be assigned.

If your student(s) require corrective action, teachers will communicate the opportunity with you on May 15th. Our goal is that this additional flexibility and support may help your student(s) find success. 

Our teachers and staff are continuing to work hard to support your child’s learning needs beyond our scheduled last day of school. Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teachers, principal, or the LCSS help desk if you have any needs or concerns. Thank you. 


Q: Can a student participating in corrective action from May 18th through May 29th improve their grade beyond the average of their prior performance? [Note: prior performance at CC is defined by the 3rd Q; prior performance at the elementary is defined by their cumulative performance over the course of the school year] 

A: No. Unless that student is currently in receipt of a D or F. Every student will be granted the opportunity to earn a minimum of a C- grade for the 4th quarter. Two examples are provided in the space below. 

Q: If my child has a grade at or above their prior performance, can he or she opt in to the corrective action period to raise their grade higher?

A: No. The corrective action period is for students performing below their average performance. The best thing students can do if they are seeking to improve their grade this quarter is to speak with their teachers now about what can be done before May 15th. 

Q: If my child is assigned to corrective action, is he or she required to participate?

A: He or she is strongly encouraged to participate. The last official day of school is May 15th. The corrective action period is designed to benefit your student. We sincerely hope that you will encourage your child to participate.  

Q: If my child is assigned corrective action and does not work to improve his or her grade, can his or her original grade be lowered?

A: No. If, for example, a student in receipt of a D on May 15th was assigned to corrective action and chose to take no action, then that student would be assigned a D on May 29th. 

Q: My child received a 99% first quarter and is now earning a 96%. Will she be required to participate in the corrective action period?

A: No. We are encouraging teachers to use discretion when applying this policy. Students performing close to their prior levels of performance will likely see a small curve applied. 

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