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Service Hours – Due April 30!

Service Hours – Due April 30!

Central Catholic students are serving in beautiful ways…Feeding the Hungry, Clothing the Naked, Visiting the Sick, and more!

All Service Hours must be completed by April 30th. Everything you need to know can be found on our website and Right Here!

IMG_2024CC Students’ Reflections on Service

“Helping with the meal for the homeless was kind of a heat check. We were fortunate enough to play a high school football game in Lucas Oil Stadium, but there were people that same night in Lafayette outside in the freezing rain…I am grateful I was able to work side by side with my friends and see the light of Christ in everyone during that experience.” (LUM Homeless Shelter)IMG_2027

“It was an eye-opening experience because I hadn’t been exposed to many special-needs children before.” (reading to children at Vinton Elementary)

“She was just grateful to have someone listen to her and to talk to. And she had a huge smile on her face when we were leaving, thanking us so much for everything we had done for her. It was an amazing experience.” (home repair on Glenmary Mission Trip, Tennessee)

“Through this experience, I saw how many people in our community are pro-life and willing to support this cause. This was something really great to see because I know almost everyone in the CC community supports pro-life, but to see so many people in the entire community was a great reassurance, because it was easy to see the face of Christ in those that I served.” (Matrix Hero Run)

“…my eyes were opened to the fact that there are forgotten people in the world, like senior citizens. They are so lonely, a lot of them don’t even have family to come visit them. I realize that the world needs more people to take time out of their day’s and just give a few kind words to these people. We don’t know their stories and we don’t know what they’ve been through, but we should learn to understand the loneliness they encounter every day when nobody visits them. ” (St. Anthony Nursing Home)


The Lafayette Catholic School System, centered on Jesus Christ, educates the whole person in a culture that is:

  • sustained by Gospel witness and service;
  • imbued with a Catholic worldview;
  • supported by a community of faith;
  • distinguished by academic excellence; and
  • committed to student success.

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