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Catholic Schools Week Fundraiser

Catholic Schools Week Fundraiser

Claire E. & Patrick G. Mackey Children’s Cancer Foundation: Change-for-Change Challenge

Next week, during Catholic Schools Week, please send donations to help fund the Mackey Children’s Cancer Foundation. Donations will be collected in 10:10 each day. Prizes will be awarded to 10:10 groups collecting the most money each day!

We will be collecting

  • pennies on Monday,
  • nickels on Tuesday,
  • dimes on Wednesday,
  • quarters on Thursday,
  • and dollars on Friday.


Why is this foundation important?

There are approximately 900 families in the state of Indiana whose children are undergoing pediatric cancer treatment. Fifty percent of these families will be forced into financial bankruptcy before their child’s treatment plan is completed. Why, because pediatric cancer treatment cost four times more than adult cancer treatments. We have seen the strain of pediatric cancer cause the virtual dissipation of the nuclear family, drive up divorce and cause irreparable harm to not only the child patient but their siblings as well.


Our foundation has a second priority and that is to change the current pediatric cancer treatment paradigm. This paradigm consists of 3 methods of cancer treatment. They are Chemotherapy, Radiation and Surgery. While adult cancers are typically epithelial in nature, children’s cancers are not. Children’s cancers are primarily genetic based disorders. Our foundation has teamed with Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis to create the only pediatric specific comprehensive genomic and genetic research institute in the world. From the research laboratory at Riley we will begin the task of treating children not just here in Indiana, but across the world with modern patient specific medicines which now are making their way to market for adults. At the current rate of research children will not see modern treatment medicine come to market until we are into the decade of the 2030’s. Together we can reduce this timeline to just eight years or less. We believe that children deserve the same modern medicines we as adults are working tirelessly to provide ourselves. We, like our beloved school system, exist for the betterment of children and families. We ask you to support our efforts in advancing the change we know our children and families so desperately need. You can learn more about us by visiting our website: www. mackeychildrensfoundation.org.

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