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Time Away from School-Go Big Blue!

Time Away from School-Go Big Blue!

It is hard to believe that the first semester is near an end!  Each instructional day is vital to student success.  However, there are times when students must be absent from school.  Please remember to have your child complete a pre-arranged absence form at least five days in advance if he/she will be out of school for an extended period.  In order for these missed days to be excused and students allowed to make up work, the student must be in good standing with the school both academically and had previous good attendance. The form must be completed and submitted to the assistant principal.  The number of days missed does count toward the ten day limit per semester.

College Visits:  Juniors and Seniors are permitted to visit college campuses by completing the following procedure.  First, students should request a form from the guidance department.  Once the student has obtained teacher signatures, the form is to be completed by a representative of the visited college.  Parents need to call the school the day of the college visit to report the student absent.  Upon returning to CC, the student must submit the completed form to the front office.  Two visits will be exempt; further visits will be excused pending proper documentation is completed and submitted.

Locker Signs:  As we conclude the fall sports season and gear up for the winter, please remember to follow guidelines approved and posted in the Knightline (see page 14).  Locker signs MUST be pre-approved by the school administration.  Please email these to mrobertson@lcss.org for approval. Signs are to be no larger than 8.5″ X 14″ and mounted to the locker with material that will not harm or deface the surface.  Magnets are best.  Please also write the student locker number on the back of the sign so it can be properly replaced should it be found in the hall.  The school reserves the right to remove any locker sign that does not meet these standards.  Lockers may be decorated before or after school hours.

As we conclude the Thanksgiving holiday, we are reminded of the many gifts bestowed on each of us.  We are truly blessed at Central Catholic to have motivated and respectful students, caring and knowledgeable staff, and supportive parents.   As we enter Advent, we wish you and your families a blessed and joyous holiday season.

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