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LCSS Curriculum Handbook 2017-2018

Guidance Services

The Guidance Department works with parents and students to provide counseling services that enrich the student’s intellectual, physical, and social well-being. These services include assistance with educational planning, interpretation of test scores, occupational and career information, study help, and/or social concerns, or any questions the student may feel he/she would like to discuss with the counselor.

Types of Classes

Honors Level, Advanced Placement, and Dual Credit Classes

The Director of Guidance in conjunction with subject-area teachers determines what students will be placed in honors level classes due to class size restrictions and prerequisites.  Students placed in honors level classes will have additional course requirements.  All Advanced Placement and Dual Credit classes are considered to be honor’s level.  See the 2014-2015 Curriculum Handbook for a complete listing of all classes and the requirements for a Core 40 and Academic Honors Diploma.

College Preparatory Classes

All Core 40 and Academic Honors classes are college preparatory classes.


Final exams are required in all courses. The final exam schedules, dates, and times are posted in the Knightly News and Principal Press several weeks in advance of the exams.  Snow make-up days may alter exam schedules.  Students must make every effort to be present for finals. Finals may not be taken earlier than scheduled. They can be taken upon the return to school or after the semester is completed for partial credit.

Academic Resources

Students have a wide array of academic resources available to them.  If a student needs additional help with homework and assignments, they should consult with their teachers.  Students with Special Service Plans or Alternative Learning Plans may be placed in Resource Rooms for more help.  Students needing additional assistance to pass ISTEP (Indiana Statewide Testing for Educational Progress) or ECA (End of Course Assessments) may be placed in Enrichment Classes.

Central Catholic has developed a partnership with the GLASS (Greater Lafayette Area Special Services) Cooperative to help students with special needs that reside in the Lafayette School Corporation, Tippecanoe School Corporation, and West Lafayette School Corporation but attend our school.  Students have access to an onsite interventionist who helps students with Special Service Plans and Alternative Learning Plans.  The Interventionist works with a School Psychologist during problem solving meetings and when assessing how students are responding to interventions (RTI).  GLASS provides the school with a Teacher of Record to update Special Service Plans and to ensure the school is providing the services listed on a student’s plan.  GLASS continuously consults with our teachers to provide our students with special needs the best possible education.

Students have access to an after school Academic Study Table that is staffed by the school’s Interventionist.  The study table is available to any student after school from 3:15 to 5:15 p.m. on Mondays through Thursdays.  Our students have access to computers to help them with their studies and receive homework guidance from the on-staff Interventionist.

The administration at Central Catholic has an open-door policy to help students, parents, faculty, and staff with their needs.  Administrators work closely with the school’s guidance counselor and GLASS personnel to meet the needs of students with a Special Service Plan or Alternative Learning Plan.  Additionally, personnel in the administration and guidance offices work with each other to address student behavioral concerns.