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Tuition Reimbursement Available

Tuition Reimbursement Available

Is your family ready for an experience of a lifetime?  If yes, consider the opportunity serving as a host family. Hosting is the sharing of cultures between an international student and your family: customs, friendships, traditions – it’s a growth and learning experience for all involved.

Lafayette, Indiana, May 31, 2019. Central Catholic 2019 Graduation. Photo: Michael Ringor


International students also help CC students learn more about cultures outside of the US.  While some international students live with family, most international students rely on a host family.  And for that reason, the LCSS offers LSCC host families of CC diploma-bound international students a reimbursement of $1,300/semester or $2,600/year to be applied to the family’s 2019-20 tuition and fees balance.



In addition to host family reimbursement applied to tuition and fees, there typically is also a monthly stipend to help offset additional expenses.  International students coming to CC through a foreign exchange program, such as FLAG, typically have a preset monthly stipend.  For students coming to CC independently (not though an exchange program), a monthly stipend should be agreed upon between the student’s family and the host family.  This stipend can be set-up to be paid by the student’s family directly to the host family, or it can be run through the LCSS Business Office (with a 1099 issued). The Admissions Office can help with recommended stipends.


We have one host family, and we are in need of 3 more!  Jerry Xie CC/11, a student at CC for the past two years needs a host family, as do 2 new students: Jessica, CC/11 (cousin to Fr. Samuel Kalu) and Jia CC/11.  Won’t you consider this meaningful experience for not only your family, but for these students as well?

Contact Angie Schrader, Admissions Director, 765.474.7500 or Schrader@lcss.org for more information about becoming a host family!

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